Why does the summer heat cause windshield chips to expand?

Many factors contribute to Summer heat breaking windshields.


Intense heat can be unbearable for a person to handle, but you could say the same for the windshield of your car. If the windshield has a chip or crack and it’s forced to endure heat for an extended amount of time, it is highly likely that the small damage will turn into large damage faster than you would expect. If the damaged windshield is going to be exposed to higher temperatures on a regular basis then there are some things you should be aware of.

While Mother Nature is causing damage on the outside, usually human nature is damaging it from the inside of the vehicle. A common mistake is while the glass is hot on the outer layer and the glass is expanded, most people get in their vehicle and immediately turn their A/C on high, causing the inside layer to contract. This happens very often and most times is how chips become cracks or a simple chip repair turns into a full windshield replacement. 

Why does this happen? Well, the intensity of temperatures of the glass both outside and inside leaves the windshield little options, as it is fighting both extreme temperatures, trying to flex in 2 different shapes at the same time.

Here are a few ways to avoid having a simple chip turn into a full replacement. First, always make sure to NOT wash your car until the glass damage is REPAIRED FIRST! That way there will not be any chemicals in the damage that could affect whether or not your damage can even be repaired after being exposed to those chemicals. If your car is going to be exposed to high heat for extended amounts of time then always make sure to park your car in the shade or in a covered garage preferably. Now as we all need A/C in these heat conditions make sure to slowly but gradually turn your A/C power up and not immediately to full blast mode. This way the glass has plenty of time to slowly adjust to both temperatures and gives the damage/glass a better chance of surviving. If you ever have any chip/crack damage to your windshield and extreme heat or cold is approaching make sure to take your vehicle to a Cured Autoglass / Windshield Repair shop as soon as possible to have your damage repaired before Mother Nature takes yet another victim!

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Select your Windshield Repair Provider Carefully!

Every day the number of untrained, unprofessional and unlicensed “repair-techs” who claim they do Proper Windshield Repair is only increasing. You can usually find these guys around a gas station or a car wash. There are many, many problems that come with doing business with these guys.

You can never properly repair/restore a windshield after a car wash! Wax, soap and even the water that is used can have repellents that will get into the damage on your windshield. All of these chemicals were designed to repel materials even water. Repairing a crack in a windshield after it has gone through a car wash will not ever fully repair. All windshield repairs need to be done prior to being washed, and we mean ALL REPAIRS! If any damage has been treated with chemicals, we must wait 2 hours minimum before we can even start to our repairs because the damage needs to be 100% moisture-free.

Untrained guys will try to use heat to dry out the damage but this is wrong and can have some long term effects if heat is used. If you notice damage after getting a car wash, then wait 2 Full hours before coming to Cured Autoglass for our treatment that can counter-act these chemicals and contamination caused from the car wash. The number of “windshield hustlers” is only increasing at gas stations and they love to use terms such as complimentary windshield inspection or windshield appreciation month and will tell you they are washing windshields for free.

These type of guys will almost ALWAYS find something that “they” deem repairable then they will always ask for your insurance information so they can call your claim in, get paid from that and never do any ACTUAL REPAIRS! Now, if this has ever happened to you or if it does ever happen to you we urge you to contact your nearest Cured Autoglass for a free recommendation/advice.

If we are ever over-booked up with appointments we will always find the time to refer you to a legitimate shop that does quality windshield repair.

For any additional information or questions please go to www.curedautoglass.com/blog or call your nearest Cured Autoglass at 858-345-6691.


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